Money Matters for the Newlywed

Despite what many people think, it is not disagreements over the kids, or religion, or even adultery, that drives most couples to divorce court. In most cases, the root cause of the problem is money, either the lack of it or disagreements over how the money should be managed. It is important for every couple to discuss financial issues before they head for the altar.

Starting a life together is an exciting time, and for most newlyweds, financial issues are far from the top of their list of considerations. It is important to discuss these financial issues, however, since different priorities in saving and spending money can be a great source of conflict for newlyweds.

Money is an important consideration for all newlywed couples, whether they are getting married for the first time or combining families after years of single parenting. No matter what the situation, it is important for each party to discuss their views on saving, spending and investing.

In many cases, conflicts can arise when one party tries to take the lead, making financial decisions unilaterally and only discussing it with his or her spouse after the decision has been made. This unilateral decision making can lead to conflict, no matter if the decision made was the right one or not. It is important for newlyweds to understand that all major financial decisions should be made as a team.

It is important for each partner to be open and honest about their own financial situation, and what they will be bringing to the partnership. Each partner should know basic information about his or her spouse, such as their annual salary, any existing debt, and any past bankruptcies or other financial difficulties. It is extremely unwise for one partner to hide information from the other, and it is very likely that the information will get out anyway, probably at the worst possible moment. Honesty should be the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and money matters are certainly no exception.

If the couple does begin to have problems agreeing on financial issues, it is important to seek out a marriage counselor who specializes counseling couples with those kinds of difficulties. Since financial problems are so common, it should not be hard to find such a counselor.

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