Reasons for Early Retirement

There are as many reasons for early retirement as there are people in the workforce. Some people plan to save enough money to retire early and enjoy life. For others it might be because ones job is being automated and there isn’t a need for people anymore. Still others retire early because of outsourcing jobs overseas. For others, it might be because of sickness. There is almost an unlimited reason why early retirement is attractive to many. Depending on the reason for early retirement, this can be an opportunity to do something one has only dreamed of doing. Life is only so long and there are only so many chances to stretch ones wings. Maybe someone has dreams of being in a band. There isn’t anything holding an individual back from this goal. Almost anything within reason is attainable if one plans accordingly. The dream won’t happen without one so that means the individual must make it happen.

Early retirement can make ones dreams seem closer. One thing that is great about early retirement is the fact that it can keep one healthy because they have a goal in mind. Don’t just retire early and do nothing. Instead, find ones dream and work towards attaining that goal on your way to retiring. The individual who always has a reason to get out of bed everyday will be the individual who lives the longest.

Traps to Beware Of

Be careful when planning ones early retirement. One needs to make sure that they have enough retirement money that will enable them to chase that next dream. By planning early and making adjustments occasionally, one can be secure enough to take early retirement. Also, be aware that ones dream is realistic and can be achieved. Don’t make a goal like one plan to be the first person to walk on Mars. This just isn’t realistic. If someone wants to follow a dream, one will be depressed if they retire early and never accomplish their goal. Also, if there is something that an individual really wants to accomplish but they are not healthy, maybe one should revise the opportunities to more easily reflect ones opportunities. If there is someone who plans to start a new business after retiring, they should make sure that they can recover without having to go back to work if their new business fails. Early retirement can be an excellent way to spend the second half of ones life.

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  1. Michaela_Roberts said,

    February 9, 2020 @ 11:31 am

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the emphasis of the importance of planning for your retirement. Many people don’t have enough money to fund themselves through retirement, and that’s a scary fact. I make my living selling insurance, so I talk to a whole range of insurance leads and customers each day. The best advice I think those facing retirement need to consider, concerning insurance relate to auto insurance, health insurance and life insurance. People retire and don’t use their cars as much, they hit a period in their life when health insurance is generally relied upon more often and of course, there is the life insurance consideration and ensuring that one’s family has enough money for funerals, meeting financial responsibilities, etc. Retirement definitely is a great time for many people if they plan for it!

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