Termite Damage

Regardless of how small termite damage might be, it is never good. If any termite damage is found during an inspection this will affect your transaction’s outcome. Most of the time the buyer is told that the seller will fix the problem. While some buyers are fine with this, others are left wondering.

It is nice that the seller will spend about $1,000 to fix this problem, and that the termites will be gone, but some buyers will still wonder if there is any damage left to deal with. In severe cases of termite damage a person may end up paying up to 50 times the treatment’s cost for damages. The last thing that a buyer wants to do is move into a home only to discover that the structure is in very bad shape.

If there has been any damage done to the home’s wooden structure, then immediate repairs may be required. Some of this damage may be visible but other damage may appear invisible to the naked eye. In order to find out just how bad the damage really is, you will need to lift up the carpet and rugs, move the furniture and appliances, and open up the walls and ceilings. Some types of excavation may even be needed. It is only when this is done that the extent of damage can be known, especially in severe cases. If you do not take the time to do this, you could be moving into a home that requires several thousand dollars in structural repair.

Of course latent damage may also exist. In order to determine this you will need qualified contractors and inspectors to perform invasive and destructive testing. This is the only way in which to determine the damage’s extent and the repairs’ cost. Doing this testing will cost you a lot of money but it really is the only way in which latent damage can be discovered and repaired. If you know of, or suspect, termites, you will have to pay a lot of money for destructive and invasive testing. You have to get it done though.

In order to protect yourself, as a buyer or renter, you should inquire about the home’s termite and treatment repair history. If you are going to rent the home you should be sure to protect yourself by getting written documentation from a specialist about the damage’s details and the repairs’ costs.

Before buying a home, always make sure that you have it checked for termites. A lot of termite inspection companies are in existence today. Most of them will go above and beyond the “call of duty” in order to inspect your home. You should really use one of these companies because you do not want to purchase a home then find out that it is filled with termites. Having the proper inspections performed before you purchase a home will give you the peace of mind of knowing that there are no termites or termite damage.

If you hire an inspector and they do not find any termite damage, make sure to get this information documented just in case termite damage does exist. Termites can be very destructive to homes, especially log homes. It does not take much time for termites to destroy wood, so you should get your home treated just as soon as you suspect their existence. If you know that a home has previously been infected with termites, then you should make sure that all of the problems have been properly taken care of before you commit to buying the home.

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