Selling Your Own Home – Tips for Getting the Best Price

The process of buying and selling a home is never easy, and selling your own home can seem like too great a challenge. However, most homeowners are perfectly capable of showing and selling their own home. The key is to plan well and to learn to look at your home with the eyes of a buyer.

Many people think that selling their own home will be expensive, but it does not have to be. It is, however, important to properly prepare your home for sale, as failing to do so could cost you lots of money by forcing you to accept a lower selling price.

One of the most important things to do to prepare the home is to look at its curb appeal. The first impression buyers get of the home for sale is the outside view, and if that view is not an attractive one, their entire impression will be tainted. Even if the interior of the home is spotless, a shoddy exterior could cost you a potential sale.

It is important to pay attention to exterior appointments like the doors and the shutters. Giving the doors and shutters a fresh coat of paint can cost very little, and it can do a lot to boost the value of the home.

It is also important to remove clutter from the interior and exterior of the home, including tidying up the garage and storage sheds, removing any debris from in and around the home and doing that spring cleaning.

When it comes to selling the home for the best price, it is important to do everything you can to make the rooms look more spacious. Some great ways to make a room appear more roomy is to remove extra furniture, take out any small rugs and replace many small plants with one large plant or tree. Adding mirrors can also help to create additional spaciousness in any room.

In addition, there are a number of great ways to spruce up the home for little money. These cost effective ways to increase the value of the home include:

  • Wash down the molding, floor boards, trim and crown molding
  • Replace dull lighting with higher wattage light bulbs for a brighter space
  • Give the light fixtures a good cleaning
  • Keep the curtains and blinds open to let in the light
  • Put new towels in all the bathrooms
  • Give the light switches a good spring cleaning
  • Put out fresh candles and air fresheners

When selling your home on your own, it is important to remember that first impressions are vital. As in the world of business, the first impression can be a lasting one when it comes to selling your home, and the right home preparation can add thousands of dollars to the final selling price.

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